Saturday, November 1, 2008

Christmas Pattern Links

I put the below information on the MonthlyDishcloth group's file section along with some other groups I belong too. It was a little dis-heartening that not everyone wanted it in the format I uploaded it as and I had to also put it up as a pdf file, and of course there was a problem with the adobe software and it took way longer than I had intended ssssooooo, I am not making it any format here, only providing the info that was in the document.

If you want some Christmas patterns here are a few spots to visit, some are crochet and some are knitted.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Is Important to All of Us

2009 Knitting Calendar "Dishcloth Hangups for 2009" can also be purchased:

Downloadable version:

Printed Version: Visit and select "send money" and send $25 to giving your name and address and I will send you a printed copy.

Calendar Of Hope 2009:
Most of you that know me, know I lost my husband last October to cancer. It was a very difficult time for me to accept my new set of circumstances and I am still dealing with it. The reason I have brought this up is to let everyone know that Cindy Moore (a survivor herself) has put a beautiful calendar together along with some designers to promote the research for Breast Cancer. I urge everyone to at least check out this calendar. This is a very good cause and could help in aiding your sister, your mother or a friend that may contract this disease.

You can purchase at the following site:

Thanks for your support.

Janet Nogle

Sunday, October 5, 2008

WOW I have my calendar, now what?

I first want to thank all of you for supporting our efforts in continuing a calendar every year with household items...this is my love.

The next item is for those that haven't purchased a calendar yet. We have two (2) options, a download calendar and a printed calendar. The download version is $18 and the printed version is $25.00. If you purchase a download version but have since wished you had purchased a printed version, I can send you a printed version for a slight fee. Some people prefer one over the other.

If you bought a printed copy, you probably like the idea of having all the info in one document that truly can be used as a calendar. For those that received the download version you have lots of options. First, you can't miss place your copy. You can put it on a disk and take it to your local office supply place if you do want a bound copy. You should probably find out how much they would charge you to do that. Last year it was very expensive to have them print and bound. It would probably be better to print it out, front and back yourself and take to the office supply place and just have them bind it. You can also print your copy and break it down by month or item and arrange how you want it. Some people request a printed version from me but they request that it NOT be bound. Once they get their copy, they put them in page protectors and put in a notebook.

You also have the option of joining the Yahoo group for the 2009 Knitting calendar. That is where the photos and patterns are kept. We do that because some people who have dial up Internet service want a way to open documents quickly and just get the patterns they want to work on at one time. They also don't want to keep a large document on their hard drive. We will be doing something a little different with this group. They would like to have the opportunity to do KAL's so we might open it up to that and then maybe twice a year introduce a new pattern to the group. So if you purchased the calendar and want to join this group just go to and request membership to the group.

If you haven't purchased a printed copy of the calendar and want to get one, go to and select "send money" and send $25 (1 calendar) to if you want more than one calendar you can contact me at for details.

If you want a download version, here is the button to click to purchase one:
once you pay you will be sent an email with instructions on how to download your copy.

Any pattern corrections will be posted here and in the Yahoo Group.

There is a corrected copy of the Petit Fleurs bib on our Yahoo group for those interested. Midway through the pattern, a series of rows starting with row 8 were repeated unneccessarily. If you are working from a printed copy just make note NOT to start row 8 but continue with the sequence rows.

Thanks for your support
Janet Nogle

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Calendar Update and Request

Hi everyone, I have not had the time to be on email very often with printing, binding and mailing off the calendars. I have checked and responded to those I knew about but apparently when the download was first introduced to everyone on this website, PayLoadz had a bit of a "glitch" and downloads were not progressing like they should have. They were hounded by me and several of you to get their act straight but it took a little longer than it should have.

I sent emails out to as many people that I knew would want to know what was going on but for some reason my server couldn't keep up and I did not receive all the emails so if you experienced a problem with your download, please contact me at and make the subject line "download not received" or something like that and I will correct for you and make sure you receive the download. We will be changing providers in the future and will no longer give Payloadz our calendar business.

If you ordered a "printed" version of the calendar from Sept 5-22nd all of them have been mailed out. So if you ordered a calendar during that time period you should either have the calendar by now or have seen an email from me saying it was on it's way to you. If neither has happened, please contact me at so I can check on the status for you.

I apologize for the inconvenience and if you let me know what email you want me to use to send your paid download copy, I will get it out to you as soon as possible. I will respond by "replying" as soon as I receive your email so you know that I have it.

Thanks for your support

Janet Nogle

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank You For Your Support-Another Free Knitting Pattern

I want to thank everyone for your awesome support of our calendar and for your patience in getting through some rough spots with PayLoadz :(

You are always such fun to communicate with and although I love to be on email talking back and forth I have been sssssooooo busy printing, binding and shipping out calendars I just haven't had the time to chat more.

I wanted to share with you a pattern from last years calendar. This is one I designed so it is safe to throw out here. I always want something in the December month to celebrate Christmas, it doesn't have to be religious but something to address the season. Last year I was really into the "365 Stitches A Day Perpetual Calendar". There are some great stitches in that small book and I wanted to use the Alternating Lace stitch to make a cloth and then I decided to use the little blocks that the Alternating Lace Stitch makes and build a tree. That is where the idea came from.

Tree of Lace
(December Pattern)
Janet Nogle © June 2007
(Adapted from Alternating Lace stitch – “365 Stitches A Day Perpetual Calendar”)

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
Materials: #7 Knitting Needle / 1 1/2 skein cotton yarn
Size: 11 1/2 x 12 / you can make as a towel by
Adding more border rows.

Cast on 59 stitches

K2, K55, K2
K2, P55, K2
K2, K55, K2
K2, P55, K2

Row 1 K2, K8, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO-Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x6, K8, K2
Row 2 K2, P55, K2
Row 3 K2, K8, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO-Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x6, K8, K2
Row 4 K2, P55, K2
Row 5 K2, K8, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO-Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x6, K8, K2
Row 6 K2, P55, K2
Row 7 K2, K8, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO-Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x6, K8, K2
Row 8 K2, P55, K2
Row 9 K2, K11, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x5, K11, K2
Row 10 K2, P55, K2
Row 11 K2, K11, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x5, K11, K2
Row 12 K2, P55, K2
Row 13 K2, K11, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x5, K11, K2
Row 14 K2, P55, K2
Row 15 K2, K11, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x5, K11, K2
Row 16 K2, P55, K2
Row 17 K2, K14, YO Sl 1 – K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x4, K14, K2
Row 18 K2, P55, K2
Row 19 K2, K14, YO Sl 1 – K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x4, K14, K2
Row 20 K2, P55, K2
Row 21 K2, K14, YO Sl 1 – K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x4, K14, K2
Row 22 K2, P55, K2
Row 23 K2, K14, YO Sl 1 – K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x4, K14, K2
Row 24 K2, P55, K2
Row 25 K2, K17, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x3, K17, K2
Row 26 K2, P55, K2
Row 27 K2, K17, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x3, K17, K2
Row 28 K2, P55, K2
Row 29 K2, K17, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x3, K17, K2
Row .30 K2, P55, K2
Row 31 K2 K17, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x3, K17, K2
Row 32 K2, P55, K2
Row 33 K2, K20, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3 YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x2, K20, K2
Row 34 K2, P55, K2
Row 35 K2, K20, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x2, K20, K2
Row 36 K2, P55, K2
Row 37 K2, K20, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO) x2 K20, K2
Row 38 K2, P55, K2
Row 39 K2, K20, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO (K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO), YO x2, K20, K2
Row 40 K2, P55, K2
Row 41 K2, K23, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K3, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K23, K2
Row 42 K2, P55, K2
Row 43 K2, K23, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K3, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K23, K2
Row 44 K2, P55, K2
Row 45 K2, K23, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K3, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K23. K2
Row 46 K22, P55, K2
Row 47 K2, K23, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K3, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K23, K2
Row 48 K2, P55, K2
Row 49 K2, K23, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K3, YO Sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO K23, K2
Row 50 K2, P55, K2
Row 51 K2, K26, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K26, K2
Row 52 K2, P55, K2
Row 53 K2, K26, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K26, K2
Row 54 K2, P55, K2
Row 55 K2, K26, YO Sl 1-K2 Tog-PSSO, YO K26, K2
Row 56 K2, P55, K2
Row 57 K2, K55, K2
Row 58 K2, P55, K2

Star On Tree Top
1. (RS) K2, K20, "K3, P1, K7, P1, K3", K20, K2 9. K2, K20, "K2, P11, K2", K20, K2
2. (WS) K2, P20, "P3, K2, P5, K2, P3", P20, K2 10. K2, P20, P1, K13 P1, K2, K20
3. K2, K20, "K3, P3, K3, P3, K3", K20, K2 11. K2, K20, "P15", K20, K2
4. K2, P20, "P3, K4, P1, K4, P3", P20, K2 12. K2, P20, P5, K5, P5, K20, K2
5. K2, K20, "K4, P7, K4", K20, K2 13. K2, K20, K6, P3, K6, K20, K2
6. K2, P20, "P4, K7, P4", P20, K2 14. K2, P20, P6, K3, P6", P20, K2
7. K2, K20, "K4, P7, K4", K20, K2 15. K2, K20, K7, P1, K7, K20, K2
8. K2, P20, "P3, K9, P3", P20, K2 16. K2, P20, "P7, K1, P7", P20, K2
17. Knit Across
Border: 18. K2, P55, K2
K2, K55, K2
K2, P55, K2
K2, K55, K2
K2, P55, K2
K2, K55, K2

Notes: when doing a sequence of stitches, pay close attention to the ending instruction, etc: YO (K3, YO SL 1-K2Tog-PSSO, YO)X4, You would complete the instructions in ( ) 4 times, making the ‘YO’ the last move done. If it is followed by K11, then you
would do the last YO and K11. If you don’t do the last YO, your stitch count will be off on the end of the row.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Final Update and Ordering Information

WOOHOO.................Wellllll...We had a few back office issues but I believe we are all set to go now. The new Dishcloth Hangups for 2009 is ready to go.

Here are the instructions and information very very important for a smooth transaction.

First our 5 For 5 Winners: We are picking out 5 lucky people who will receive 5 skeins of yarn in our "Kick Off" today. If your name is in this list you have three days to contact me off line with your mailing address and Flo from Peaches N Creme will send these beautiful skeins of yarn to you. The colors are: 45 Orange, 62 Emerald, 2 Black, 25 Br Yellow and 1455 Desert Gold. These are beautiful fall colors. The winners are..........................................

Knitwit911 (Meredith); Joyesummers; Janet Badjer; Mary (K2842); Brookspatti (Patti B). Congratulations ladies and you have 3 days to notify me of your address and the yarn is yours!!!!!!! The Free Pattern is listed below the instructions. Thanks to Steph for testing the Lacy Vines pattern.

All of those that purchase a calendar can join the Calendar Yahoo group where all the patterns are in case you misplace your copy or you want to get 1 pattern at a time to work on. If you are interested in becoming a part of that group, all you need to do is send me an email with the subject of: "Invite Me to Yahoo Group", I will verify that you paid for the calendar and send you an invite.

Any corrections to the patterns will be listed here and on the Yahoo group. We try hard not to make errors but sometimes they pop up anyway. You can also contact the designer.

Downloadable Version: If you want a downloadable version of the calendar, click this link to add a copy to your PayPal cart:

Then follow the instructions for paying for your copy and you will be emailed instructions to download a pdf version of the calender. I will be available if you need help but I advise you to download then, if you wait a week or so, I will probably have to approve it because of the time elapsed. The cost is $18. Make sure the "Quan" is 1; that your grand total at the final check out is $18 and you will have your copy.

Printed Version: If you want a printed copy, you need to go to PayPal and select "send money" to and it is $25 for the 1st copy and $21 for any additional copies if all copies are being shipped to the same address. I will need 3-7 working days to process.

ALL VERSIONS REQUIRE US CURRENCY. You can check the prior update below this one for further info about the calendar.

I hope you enjoy your is the free pattern:

Lacy Vines Cloth

Copyright © Janet Nogle 041208
Materials: #7 needles
1 skein white yarn
Scraps of Peppermint for trim
(I used Peaches N Crème White and Peaches N Crème Peppermint

With White; Cast on 45 (multiple 13 + border)
Knit 4 rows

Border Pattern:
1 Knit Across
2 K3, P39, K3 (leave white yarn along side of work)
3 With Peppermint Yarn; K3, *K1, P1* Across, end K3
4 Continue in Peppermint Yarn; K3. *K1, P1* Across, end K3
5 Peppermint Yarn; K3, *K1, P1* Across, end K3
6 Peppermint Yarn: K3, P39, K3
7 White yarn; Knit Across

Pattern (Work body of pattern in white):
1. K3, *K2, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K4, K2Tog, K2, YO, K1, YO; rep from *, End K3
2. K3, P39, K3
3. K3, *YO, K2, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K2, K2Tog, K2, YO, K3; rep from *, End K3
4. K3, P39, K3
5. K3, *K1, YO, K2, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K2Tog, K2, YO, K4; rep from *, End K3
6. K3, P39, K3
7. K3, *YO, K1, YO, K2, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K4, K2Tog, K2; rep from *, End K3
8. K3, P 39, K3
9. K3, *K3, YO, K2, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K2, K2Tog, K2, YO; rep from *, End K3
10. K3, P39, K3
11. K3, *K4, YO, K2, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K2Tog, K2, YO, K1; rep from *, End K3
12. K3, P39, K3

Repeat from row 1 to desired length. End with Purl row

1. Knit Across
2. K3, P39, K3
3. With Peppermint, K3, * K1, P1* Across
4. With Peppermint, K3, * K1, P1* Across
5. With Peppermint, K3, * K1, P1 *Across
6. With Peppermint, K3, P39, K3 (Extra row in Peppermint is done to take you back to the correct side of your work to finish up in white yarn).
7. With White, Knit across
With White, work 4 rows in Knit Stitch

Bind off and weave in ends.

Thanks for your support

Janet Nogle

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2009 Calendar Update

This is the last update prior to September 5th. I wanted to share with you a photo of one of the items that will be in the calendar. This one is a real knockout! Every year Kay Gardiner takes time out of her very busy schedule to help us by putting in one of her creations. She is VERY busy with the release of her and Ann's second book entitled "Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside The Lines" This book will be released on September 16th. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy.

The other photo is a glance at our printed copy of the calendar which I have already received orders for. There are 35 patterns this year and all of them show off the theme this year of "Knitting In Colors". This calendar has more patterns that we can use our variegated yarns with. That was the whole idea behind the theme and the designers did a great job in supporting that theme.
Here is the Info on ordering "Dishcloth Hangups For 2009":
First off, this calendar is strictly for people who want patterns for household items. If you are looking for a shawl or poncho or are not in the right place. You can seek out other venues for those items. It isn't that we don't like accessory items but this calendar shows different ways of displaying and making things for the home, dishcloths, towels and other items.
We do have a "Bonus Section" which has special items like holiday decorations (a few crocheted), pillows and baby bibs...that kind of thing.
The price of the calendar is $18 for a downloadable version and $25 for a printed and mailed version (that includes postage). We will ship outside of the US but I am unable right now to accept anything other than US currency. If you send Canadian standards of currency, I will have to decline payment. PayPal will convert but there are fees associated in doing that. So if you are downloading or requesting a printed version you need to make sure you pay in US currency.
Right now payments need to be made through Paypal, they have several options of Visa and Mastercard I believe but we won't be accepting checks or money orders for payment.
DOWNLOAD: On September 5th when you return to this site, you will find a link where you can go to purchase and after you have paid, you will receive info on how to download your copy.
PRINTED COPY OF CALENDAR: If you are requesting a hard copy of the calendar, go to and select "send money" to and send $25 for one copy, thereafter each copy is $21. So if you are interested in purchasing two calendar, you would pay $46. If you want more than one copy BUT you want them shipped to 2 or more address, we will do that but there won't be a break in the shipping cost, if you want one sent to Missouri (I am from there) and one shipped to Florida you would need to pay $50 to cover the cost of shipping to 2 addresses. YOU CAN ORDER PRINTED CALENDARS NOW...You don't have to wait until the 5th to order printed versions. I did receive some pre-orders and they have been processed and mailed out so that we can do right now. It will take from 2-5 days to get your calendar in the mail to you, depending on the demand.
We will also offer for those that are interested the option of joining our new 2009 Knitting Calendar Group. This will be available for those that do not want to save the document on their hard drive. You can certainly purchase the downloadable document, print it and not save it to their hard drive but use the Yahoo group to go back to get a pattern at a time or however they want to utilize it.
Peaches N Creme will be offering packets based on the patterns in our calendars. If you are thinking ahead and want to try it out, there will be info on their site shortly giving you the info on that option.
Looking down the road a little, if any errors are spotted on the calendar patterns, you will be able to find those either on this site or in the Yahoo Calendar group.
When you come back on September 5th you will find "5 For 5". This is for our raffle and 5 names will be listed and these 5 individuals will receive 5 skeins of yarn each for winning our raffle. The prizes will be awarded by Peaches N Creme. It is ALWAYS exciting when you win yarn. So those lucky winners will have some yarn to use on their new patterns. You will also find a "freeby" pattern on the 5th called "Lacy Vines Cloth".
We hope everyone enjoys our new calendar and thanks for all your support.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Janet Nogle

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2009 Calendar Update

I wanted to share some photos and give you an update that is pretty important.

First off, there are two photos here, one is a pillow design by Jo Ellyn Wheeler called "Day At The Beach" that is a real pretty design. It reminds me of the southwest
theme. Jo Ellyn has a second pillow she has provided and it is a cable design that is gorgious!

The other one is one of mine. It is called Fire N Ice and I used Fantasy Naturale yarn for it. It is a real pretty variegated yarn mixed with a solid yarn.

Some new information about the calendar:
The cost will be $18 for a downloaded version and $25 for a printed version which includes the shipping cost. If more than one printed version is ordered there will be a discount on the shipping costs. Paper, Ink and postage tends to drive up the cost on the printed calendars. There will be 35 patterns in this calendar, thats about 10 more than last year.
The calendar will be available AND our kick off will be on September 5th. I worked on it almost all weekend wanting to finalize everything on this. We will be giving away 5 skeins of yarn to five lucky people in the form of "Raffles". Thanks to Peaches N Creme for supplying the yarn for our give-a-ways. There is also yarn packets that will be available to those who are interested. There will be more information about that in our next update. They will be geared toward the patterns that will be in the calendar. To be eligible for the raffle, you need to be on our notification list of updates or in one of the calendar groups on Yahoo or the Monthly Dishcloth Group. Good luck to everyone and you will get updates as things change or more info is available. Thanks for your support.
Janet Nogle

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2009 Calendar Update

Hi again, this is short. I was hoping to have the calendar ready for the 5th of September but have had some delays. It looks like it will be closer to the 15th.

But in the meantime, I have the photo ready of the "Freeby" pattern that will be posted to this site when we do the "Kick Off". Stephanie Whicher was nice enough to test it and photograph it so it is below.

Also, two more photos of items that will be in the calendar. The first one is from Rhonda White. She is such an awesome designer. As most of you know she has a book out entitled
“Spa and Bath Sets to Knit”. Every year she has at least one item in our calendar. This year it is a Strawberry Kitchen Set and it is adorable!!!!

The second item is one of my designs called Ribbon N Lace and it is a modified feather and lace with a border of small cables.

I know you guys will enjoy this year's calendar,there are more patterns in it this year, close to 30 I believe. Anyway here they are:

This is the Lacy Vines Cloth - the freeby this year.

This is Rhonda's Strawbery Kitchen Set and it is adorable! The strawberries look good enough to eat don't they. Rhonda has a book out for Spa cloths and you can visit her site at:

This is the Ribbons N Lace design of mine. It was so fun to work a lace with small cables. It is a variety of stitches and I know everyone will enjoy making it.

That is it for now, talk to you later

Janet Nogle

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2009 Knitting Calendar Update

This is a short short update. I have been asked when the calendar will be available and I wanted to post the cover of the calendar on this blog as well.

Clarification for those who have not bought our calendar in the past; this is a knitting calendar for household items only. Anything you see around the home, there won't be any shawls, capes, ponchos or any of the usual accessories. We do have a "bonus" section but you will only find the type of things moms would want in it so just so everyone knows what they can expect to see. We have several baby bibs this year for our bonus and I am putting in some coasters (some crocheted) and seasonal items. So that is the kind of items you will find in the calendar.

When will it be offered for sale??? Well, don't have a tentative date yet only that it will be sometime in September. We will have a "Kick Off" to announce it and some give-a-ways too.

OK, I edited this post because I wanted to show a new item everytime I post to this blog and just wasn't feeling that great when I originally posted this update. Ssssoooo for your viewing pleasure here is another item that will be in our calendar. Dione can throw these things together in a minute's notice. She is new to the designing scene as well but very talented. This is called Starburst Cloth and named quite appropriately too. It is another beautiful round cloth of her's that puts my dinky little round cloth to shame! Thanks for such an awesome design Dione :)

Janet Nogle

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update 2009 Calendar

I wanted to show you another item from our calendar and announce that when we do our "Kick Off" there will be a "free" pattern posted on this site. At the time of the kick off, there will be Give-Aways as well and the winners will be posted along with the pattern.

The yarn being given away will be by Peaches N Creme, our annual supporters. They have been ssssoooo good to work with and Flo, from Peaches N Creme has given so much to everyone in the way of advise and education. You can visit their site at They offer free patterns for knitters and crocheters and have TONS of yarn to purchase or just drool over :)

The cloth below was designed by Andi Worthy. She is just a super person. I don't know how she has time to design, teach AND take care of her 3 little ones. She has always been there for me during some sad times in my life and I will just say publicly that I love her.

The name of the cloth is "Fruited Plains"

and in the theme of our calendar "Knitting In Colors" we have displayed a solid and a variegated color.

The "Freeby" cloth is called Lacy Vines Cloth and the border color is a variegated and pattern is worked in a solid color. This was done to show knitters another way of being creative with their knitting and give them some ideas on how to display items. The cloth is shown below; have a good weekend.
Janet Nogle

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2009 Knitting Calendar Blog 8-5-08

Hi; after the scare of Black Friday (haha) I decided to just go ahead and create a blog for this year's calendar instead of putting all the calendars in one place. You can always visit the original blog at to view what has already been posted or to view information about last year's calendar. I won't be removing that blog.

Here is another photo of one of the items that will be in our calendar for 2009. Next time I might share a photo of the design that will be posted "free" to kick off our calendar.

This is a beautiful cloth by Michelle Crimm. She has several cloths that will appear in our calendar but I love the yarn she used because it really embraces the "Knitting In Colors" theme.

This cloth is called Summer Showers. It is an excellent name with the different colors in it. You can visit her blog at

Michelle is very dedicated in making sure all of her beautiful items reflect the colors we can use to show off our items as well as sharing what colors she feels will go well with her cloths.
Oh I almost forgot, we have a model this year. I spent some time on the Internet with him this week and he even sent me a photo. He has the darkest brown eyes and a gorgeous head of hair. Wait till you see what he will be showing all of us. He might even give us his autograph :)
Well that is all for right now, I just wanted to get something out to everyone to let them know about our new blog for the calendar.
Janet Nogle