Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2009 Knitting Calendar Blog 8-5-08

Hi; after the scare of Black Friday (haha) I decided to just go ahead and create a blog for this year's calendar instead of putting all the calendars in one place. You can always visit the original blog at http://knittingcalendar.blogspot.com/ to view what has already been posted or to view information about last year's calendar. I won't be removing that blog.

Here is another photo of one of the items that will be in our calendar for 2009. Next time I might share a photo of the design that will be posted "free" to kick off our calendar.

This is a beautiful cloth by Michelle Crimm. She has several cloths that will appear in our calendar but I love the yarn she used because it really embraces the "Knitting In Colors" theme.

This cloth is called Summer Showers. It is an excellent name with the different colors in it. You can visit her blog at http://southerncomfortkc.blogspot.com/

Michelle is very dedicated in making sure all of her beautiful items reflect the colors we can use to show off our items as well as sharing what colors she feels will go well with her cloths.
Oh I almost forgot, we have a model this year. I spent some time on the Internet with him this week and he even sent me a photo. He has the darkest brown eyes and a gorgeous head of hair. Wait till you see what he will be showing all of us. He might even give us his autograph :)
Well that is all for right now, I just wanted to get something out to everyone to let them know about our new blog for the calendar.
Janet Nogle


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I love it thanks Janet and everyone!
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