Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2009 Calendar Update

I wanted to share some photos and give you an update that is pretty important.

First off, there are two photos here, one is a pillow design by Jo Ellyn Wheeler called "Day At The Beach" that is a real pretty design. It reminds me of the southwest
theme. Jo Ellyn has a second pillow she has provided and it is a cable design that is gorgious!

The other one is one of mine. It is called Fire N Ice and I used Fantasy Naturale yarn for it. It is a real pretty variegated yarn mixed with a solid yarn.

Some new information about the calendar:
The cost will be $18 for a downloaded version and $25 for a printed version which includes the shipping cost. If more than one printed version is ordered there will be a discount on the shipping costs. Paper, Ink and postage tends to drive up the cost on the printed calendars. There will be 35 patterns in this calendar, thats about 10 more than last year.
The calendar will be available AND our kick off will be on September 5th. I worked on it almost all weekend wanting to finalize everything on this. We will be giving away 5 skeins of yarn to five lucky people in the form of "Raffles". Thanks to Peaches N Creme for supplying the yarn for our give-a-ways. There is also yarn packets that will be available to those who are interested. There will be more information about that in our next update. They will be geared toward the patterns that will be in the calendar. To be eligible for the raffle, you need to be on our notification list of updates or in one of the calendar groups on Yahoo or the Monthly Dishcloth Group. Good luck to everyone and you will get updates as things change or more info is available. Thanks for your support.
Janet Nogle

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2009 Calendar Update

Hi again, this is short. I was hoping to have the calendar ready for the 5th of September but have had some delays. It looks like it will be closer to the 15th.

But in the meantime, I have the photo ready of the "Freeby" pattern that will be posted to this site when we do the "Kick Off". Stephanie Whicher was nice enough to test it and photograph it so it is below.

Also, two more photos of items that will be in the calendar. The first one is from Rhonda White. She is such an awesome designer. As most of you know she has a book out entitled
“Spa and Bath Sets to Knit”. Every year she has at least one item in our calendar. This year it is a Strawberry Kitchen Set and it is adorable!!!!

The second item is one of my designs called Ribbon N Lace and it is a modified feather and lace with a border of small cables.

I know you guys will enjoy this year's calendar,there are more patterns in it this year, close to 30 I believe. Anyway here they are:

This is the Lacy Vines Cloth - the freeby this year.

This is Rhonda's Strawbery Kitchen Set and it is adorable! The strawberries look good enough to eat don't they. Rhonda has a book out for Spa cloths and you can visit her site at: http://www.knittingknonsense.com/.

This is the Ribbons N Lace design of mine. It was so fun to work a lace with small cables. It is a variety of stitches and I know everyone will enjoy making it.

That is it for now, talk to you later

Janet Nogle

Sunday, August 10, 2008

2009 Knitting Calendar Update

This is a short short update. I have been asked when the calendar will be available and I wanted to post the cover of the calendar on this blog as well.

Clarification for those who have not bought our calendar in the past; this is a knitting calendar for household items only. Anything you see around the home, there won't be any shawls, capes, ponchos or any of the usual accessories. We do have a "bonus" section but you will only find the type of things moms would want in it so just so everyone knows what they can expect to see. We have several baby bibs this year for our bonus and I am putting in some coasters (some crocheted) and seasonal items. So that is the kind of items you will find in the calendar.

When will it be offered for sale??? Well, don't have a tentative date yet only that it will be sometime in September. We will have a "Kick Off" to announce it and some give-a-ways too.

OK, I edited this post because I wanted to show a new item everytime I post to this blog and just wasn't feeling that great when I originally posted this update. Ssssoooo for your viewing pleasure here is another item that will be in our calendar. Dione can throw these things together in a minute's notice. She is new to the designing scene as well but very talented. This is called Starburst Cloth and named quite appropriately too. It is another beautiful round cloth of her's that puts my dinky little round cloth to shame! Thanks for such an awesome design Dione :)

Janet Nogle

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Update 2009 Calendar

I wanted to show you another item from our calendar and announce that when we do our "Kick Off" there will be a "free" pattern posted on this site. At the time of the kick off, there will be Give-Aways as well and the winners will be posted along with the pattern.

The yarn being given away will be by Peaches N Creme, our annual supporters. They have been ssssoooo good to work with and Flo, from Peaches N Creme has given so much to everyone in the way of advise and education. You can visit their site at http://www.peaches-creme.com/index.htm. They offer free patterns for knitters and crocheters and have TONS of yarn to purchase or just drool over :)

The cloth below was designed by Andi Worthy. She is just a super person. I don't know how she has time to design, teach AND take care of her 3 little ones. She has always been there for me during some sad times in my life and I will just say publicly that I love her.

The name of the cloth is "Fruited Plains"

and in the theme of our calendar "Knitting In Colors" we have displayed a solid and a variegated color.

The "Freeby" cloth is called Lacy Vines Cloth and the border color is a variegated and pattern is worked in a solid color. This was done to show knitters another way of being creative with their knitting and give them some ideas on how to display items. The cloth is shown below; have a good weekend.
Janet Nogle

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2009 Knitting Calendar Blog 8-5-08

Hi; after the scare of Black Friday (haha) I decided to just go ahead and create a blog for this year's calendar instead of putting all the calendars in one place. You can always visit the original blog at http://knittingcalendar.blogspot.com/ to view what has already been posted or to view information about last year's calendar. I won't be removing that blog.

Here is another photo of one of the items that will be in our calendar for 2009. Next time I might share a photo of the design that will be posted "free" to kick off our calendar.

This is a beautiful cloth by Michelle Crimm. She has several cloths that will appear in our calendar but I love the yarn she used because it really embraces the "Knitting In Colors" theme.

This cloth is called Summer Showers. It is an excellent name with the different colors in it. You can visit her blog at http://southerncomfortkc.blogspot.com/

Michelle is very dedicated in making sure all of her beautiful items reflect the colors we can use to show off our items as well as sharing what colors she feels will go well with her cloths.
Oh I almost forgot, we have a model this year. I spent some time on the Internet with him this week and he even sent me a photo. He has the darkest brown eyes and a gorgeous head of hair. Wait till you see what he will be showing all of us. He might even give us his autograph :)
Well that is all for right now, I just wanted to get something out to everyone to let them know about our new blog for the calendar.
Janet Nogle