Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2009 Calendar Update

This is the last update prior to September 5th. I wanted to share with you a photo of one of the items that will be in the calendar. This one is a real knockout! Every year Kay Gardiner takes time out of her very busy schedule to help us by putting in one of her creations. She is VERY busy with the release of her and Ann's second book entitled "Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside The Lines" This book will be released on September 16th. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy.

The other photo is a glance at our printed copy of the calendar which I have already received orders for. There are 35 patterns this year and all of them show off the theme this year of "Knitting In Colors". This calendar has more patterns that we can use our variegated yarns with. That was the whole idea behind the theme and the designers did a great job in supporting that theme.
Here is the Info on ordering "Dishcloth Hangups For 2009":
First off, this calendar is strictly for people who want patterns for household items. If you are looking for a shawl or poncho or are not in the right place. You can seek out other venues for those items. It isn't that we don't like accessory items but this calendar shows different ways of displaying and making things for the home, dishcloths, towels and other items.
We do have a "Bonus Section" which has special items like holiday decorations (a few crocheted), pillows and baby bibs...that kind of thing.
The price of the calendar is $18 for a downloadable version and $25 for a printed and mailed version (that includes postage). We will ship outside of the US but I am unable right now to accept anything other than US currency. If you send Canadian standards of currency, I will have to decline payment. PayPal will convert but there are fees associated in doing that. So if you are downloading or requesting a printed version you need to make sure you pay in US currency.
Right now payments need to be made through Paypal, they have several options of Visa and Mastercard I believe but we won't be accepting checks or money orders for payment.
DOWNLOAD: On September 5th when you return to this site, you will find a link where you can go to purchase and after you have paid, you will receive info on how to download your copy.
PRINTED COPY OF CALENDAR: If you are requesting a hard copy of the calendar, go to and select "send money" to and send $25 for one copy, thereafter each copy is $21. So if you are interested in purchasing two calendar, you would pay $46. If you want more than one copy BUT you want them shipped to 2 or more address, we will do that but there won't be a break in the shipping cost, if you want one sent to Missouri (I am from there) and one shipped to Florida you would need to pay $50 to cover the cost of shipping to 2 addresses. YOU CAN ORDER PRINTED CALENDARS NOW...You don't have to wait until the 5th to order printed versions. I did receive some pre-orders and they have been processed and mailed out so that we can do right now. It will take from 2-5 days to get your calendar in the mail to you, depending on the demand.
We will also offer for those that are interested the option of joining our new 2009 Knitting Calendar Group. This will be available for those that do not want to save the document on their hard drive. You can certainly purchase the downloadable document, print it and not save it to their hard drive but use the Yahoo group to go back to get a pattern at a time or however they want to utilize it.
Peaches N Creme will be offering packets based on the patterns in our calendars. If you are thinking ahead and want to try it out, there will be info on their site shortly giving you the info on that option.
Looking down the road a little, if any errors are spotted on the calendar patterns, you will be able to find those either on this site or in the Yahoo Calendar group.
When you come back on September 5th you will find "5 For 5". This is for our raffle and 5 names will be listed and these 5 individuals will receive 5 skeins of yarn each for winning our raffle. The prizes will be awarded by Peaches N Creme. It is ALWAYS exciting when you win yarn. So those lucky winners will have some yarn to use on their new patterns. You will also find a "freeby" pattern on the 5th called "Lacy Vines Cloth".
We hope everyone enjoys our new calendar and thanks for all your support.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Janet Nogle


Alli's Little World of Knitting! said...

OH My GOSH Kay!! I love that cloth!! You have the most WONDERFUL imagination!! Can I come live with you ... can you teach me how to think outside the box I live in?? hehehehehe

Great job! I am really looking forward to this calendar!!

Knitted Hugs

Shannon said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see the end result!