Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This Is Important to All of Us

2009 Knitting Calendar "Dishcloth Hangups for 2009" can also be purchased:

Downloadable version:

Printed Version: Visit and select "send money" and send $25 to giving your name and address and I will send you a printed copy.

Calendar Of Hope 2009:
Most of you that know me, know I lost my husband last October to cancer. It was a very difficult time for me to accept my new set of circumstances and I am still dealing with it. The reason I have brought this up is to let everyone know that Cindy Moore (a survivor herself) has put a beautiful calendar together along with some designers to promote the research for Breast Cancer. I urge everyone to at least check out this calendar. This is a very good cause and could help in aiding your sister, your mother or a friend that may contract this disease.

You can purchase at the following site:

Thanks for your support.

Janet Nogle

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