Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2009 Calendar Update

I wanted to share some photos and give you an update that is pretty important.

First off, there are two photos here, one is a pillow design by Jo Ellyn Wheeler called "Day At The Beach" that is a real pretty design. It reminds me of the southwest
theme. Jo Ellyn has a second pillow she has provided and it is a cable design that is gorgious!

The other one is one of mine. It is called Fire N Ice and I used Fantasy Naturale yarn for it. It is a real pretty variegated yarn mixed with a solid yarn.

Some new information about the calendar:
The cost will be $18 for a downloaded version and $25 for a printed version which includes the shipping cost. If more than one printed version is ordered there will be a discount on the shipping costs. Paper, Ink and postage tends to drive up the cost on the printed calendars. There will be 35 patterns in this calendar, thats about 10 more than last year.
The calendar will be available AND our kick off will be on September 5th. I worked on it almost all weekend wanting to finalize everything on this. We will be giving away 5 skeins of yarn to five lucky people in the form of "Raffles". Thanks to Peaches N Creme for supplying the yarn for our give-a-ways. There is also yarn packets that will be available to those who are interested. There will be more information about that in our next update. They will be geared toward the patterns that will be in the calendar. To be eligible for the raffle, you need to be on our notification list of updates or in one of the calendar groups on Yahoo or the Monthly Dishcloth Group. Good luck to everyone and you will get updates as things change or more info is available. Thanks for your support.
Janet Nogle


knittinggranny54 said...

very pretty pillow and cloth. i cant wait to put my order in it is like waiting for christmas :o)
grandma steph

Aunt Kathy said...

Janet I love everything about that Fire and Ice cloth. And that color, WOW

Last year I got the downloaded calendar and then my computer crashed and I lost it all. I only got to knit up 2 of the patterns.

I think this year I'll spend the extra money and get the printed version,