Thursday, September 25, 2008

Calendar Update and Request

Hi everyone, I have not had the time to be on email very often with printing, binding and mailing off the calendars. I have checked and responded to those I knew about but apparently when the download was first introduced to everyone on this website, PayLoadz had a bit of a "glitch" and downloads were not progressing like they should have. They were hounded by me and several of you to get their act straight but it took a little longer than it should have.

I sent emails out to as many people that I knew would want to know what was going on but for some reason my server couldn't keep up and I did not receive all the emails so if you experienced a problem with your download, please contact me at and make the subject line "download not received" or something like that and I will correct for you and make sure you receive the download. We will be changing providers in the future and will no longer give Payloadz our calendar business.

If you ordered a "printed" version of the calendar from Sept 5-22nd all of them have been mailed out. So if you ordered a calendar during that time period you should either have the calendar by now or have seen an email from me saying it was on it's way to you. If neither has happened, please contact me at so I can check on the status for you.

I apologize for the inconvenience and if you let me know what email you want me to use to send your paid download copy, I will get it out to you as soon as possible. I will respond by "replying" as soon as I receive your email so you know that I have it.

Thanks for your support

Janet Nogle

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