Sunday, October 5, 2008

WOW I have my calendar, now what?

I first want to thank all of you for supporting our efforts in continuing a calendar every year with household items...this is my love.

The next item is for those that haven't purchased a calendar yet. We have two (2) options, a download calendar and a printed calendar. The download version is $18 and the printed version is $25.00. If you purchase a download version but have since wished you had purchased a printed version, I can send you a printed version for a slight fee. Some people prefer one over the other.

If you bought a printed copy, you probably like the idea of having all the info in one document that truly can be used as a calendar. For those that received the download version you have lots of options. First, you can't miss place your copy. You can put it on a disk and take it to your local office supply place if you do want a bound copy. You should probably find out how much they would charge you to do that. Last year it was very expensive to have them print and bound. It would probably be better to print it out, front and back yourself and take to the office supply place and just have them bind it. You can also print your copy and break it down by month or item and arrange how you want it. Some people request a printed version from me but they request that it NOT be bound. Once they get their copy, they put them in page protectors and put in a notebook.

You also have the option of joining the Yahoo group for the 2009 Knitting calendar. That is where the photos and patterns are kept. We do that because some people who have dial up Internet service want a way to open documents quickly and just get the patterns they want to work on at one time. They also don't want to keep a large document on their hard drive. We will be doing something a little different with this group. They would like to have the opportunity to do KAL's so we might open it up to that and then maybe twice a year introduce a new pattern to the group. So if you purchased the calendar and want to join this group just go to and request membership to the group.

If you haven't purchased a printed copy of the calendar and want to get one, go to and select "send money" and send $25 (1 calendar) to if you want more than one calendar you can contact me at for details.

If you want a download version, here is the button to click to purchase one:
once you pay you will be sent an email with instructions on how to download your copy.

Any pattern corrections will be posted here and in the Yahoo Group.

There is a corrected copy of the Petit Fleurs bib on our Yahoo group for those interested. Midway through the pattern, a series of rows starting with row 8 were repeated unneccessarily. If you are working from a printed copy just make note NOT to start row 8 but continue with the sequence rows.

Thanks for your support
Janet Nogle

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GrandKay said...

I purchased the download online and now i would like to purchase the book how do i go about this?

Kay Moss

I think i had it sent to kay_moss@hotmail